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Now enrolling for the following programs:

Nurse Aide Training Program -

Next Class Starts

May 6th (Day Class)

June 3rd (Day Class)

July 1st (Day Class)

August 5th (Day Class)

Sept 9th (Day Class)

Oct 7th (Day Class)

Nov 4th (Day Class)

Dec 2nd (Day Class)

May 28th (Evening Class)

June 4th (Evening Class)

July 16th (Evening Class)

Aug 27th (Evening Class)

Oct 8th (Evening Class)

Dec 3rd (Evening Class)

May 11th (Weekend Class)

June 22nd (Weekend Class)

Aug 3rd (Weekend Class)

Sept 14th (Weekend Class)

October 26th (Weekend Class)

Dec 7th (Weekend Class)

Medication Aide Program -

Next Class Starts

June 3rd (Day and Evening Class)

Aug 5th (Day and Evening Class)

Oct 7th (Day and Evening Class)

Dec 9th (Day and Evening Class)

Traditional Phlebotomy Program -

Next Class Starts

April 2nd (Day and Evening Class)

May 14th (Day and Evening Class)

July 2nd (Day and Evening Class)

Aug 13 (Day and Evening Class)

Oct 1st (Day and Evening Class)

Nov 19th (Day and Evening Class)

Sterile Processing Tech -

Next Class Starts

February 16 (Friday and Saturday Morning)

May 31st (Friday and Saturday Morning)

September 6th (Friday and Saturday Morning)

March 19th (Tuesday and Thursday Evening)

July 9th (Tuesday and Thursday Evening)

Oct 22nd (Tuesday and Thursday Evening)

Accelerated Phlebotomy Program (2 day)  -

Next Class Starts


(Visit booking form for dates)

IV Certification-


(Visit booking form for dates)

Registration and Tour by appointment only

Please call 832-286-4271 0r email

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 3pm

Friday: Appointment Only

Saturday: Appointment Only

Sunday: Appointment Only

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