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Sterile Processing Tech Program

What is a Sterile Processing Technician?

Surgical instruments and other equipment used in healthcare settings are organized and prepared by sterile processing technicians also known as Central Service Technicians. Cleaning, examining, sterilizing, storing, testing, and distributing medical instruments needed in surgery and other treatments are among their responsibilities. Patient safety depends on the work of a sterile processing technician. Scalpels and endoscopes are only two examples of the many various kinds of surgical instruments, and sterile processing experts make sure they are clean, in good functioning order, and ready for surgery at a moment's notice. To successfully operate on a patient, surgeons rely on having sterile, functional equipment at their disposal. Technicians in sterile processing handle that crucial task.

What Does a Sterile Processing Technician Do?

 Their primary duty is to sterilize and maintain a record of all reusable medical equipment, including surgical instruments. In addition to cleaning and sterilizing them, they make sure they are prepared for operation.

Work Settings For Sterile Processing Technicians

Technicians are employed wherever operations and medical procedures are performed. Hospitals employ more than two thirds of all sterile processing technicians because they require them constantly. Other technicians work in medical, dental, or outpatient care facilities. The likelihood of technicians working regular office hours is higher in private offices. A sterile processing technician is required anywhere surgeries and other medical procedures are performed.

How do I become a Sterile Tech:

You must successfully complete the sterile tech training program, which includes:

  • 80 hours of online instruction and training

  • 60 hours of returned skills demonstration laboratory

Sterile Tech HYBRID Training Schedule:


Skills in Person

What's Included:

Online/Lab Instructor


Name Badge

Initial Certification Exam

Cost of the course:


$500 due at time of registration

Payment Plan available.

Please see our financing page for more information.


Register online

Enrollment must be in person.

Call 832-286-4271

to schedule a tour or for more information.

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