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Dotson Healthcare Institute

Now enrolling for the following programs:

Nurse Aide Training Program -

Next Class Starts

March 6th (Day Class)

April 3rd (Day Class)

May 1st (Day Class)

June 4th (Day Class)

July 10th (Day Class)

March 21st (Evening Class)

May 2nd (Evening Class)

June 13 (Evening Class)

March 25th (Weekend Class)

May 6th (Weekend Class)

June 17th (Weekend Class)

Medication Aide Program -

Next Class Starts

March 8th (Day Class)

April 5th (Day Class)

Traditional Phlebotomy Program -

Next Class Starts

March 6th (Day Class)

April 17th (Day Class)

Accelerated Phlebotomy Program (2 day)  -

Next Class Starts

Please call for more information

IV Certification-

Next Class Starts

Please call for more information


Dotson Healthcare Institute (DHI) offers the following educational courses:


Accelerated Phlebotomy Course

We are pleased to announce that we have a 100% Pass Rate on the

National Healthcare Association (NHA) for the Accelerated Phlebotomy Course. 

Traditional Phlebotomy Course

We offer a 6 week course, in-person and online. 

Nurse Aide Training Program

We offer a 4 week course, in-person and online.

IV Certification

We offer a 1 day 4-hour course, in-person.

We are committed to crafting competent and compassionate healthcare professionals with a commitment to providing exceptional care to those in need.

Nurse Making Notes

Dotson Healthcare Institute's Three Pillars

Dotson Healthcare Institute (DHI) believes in order to be successful in the Healthcare field, Healthcare workers must possess the following attributes:


Competence - The knowledge and skills to perform a specific task effectively and efficiently.

Compassion - The ability to empathize with those in need and offer kind and considerate care.

Commitment - The ability to be consistent in providing exceptional care while maintaining professionalism at all times.

Mission & Vision

Our mission  is to offer high quality training to individuals for the purpose of developing and improving their skills within the healthcare field. We want students to understand the importance of competence, compassion and commitment in order to build professional relationships with their patients, clients and members of the community. 


Our vision  is to educate, train and empower individuals with high-quality training today, to become the exceptional healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

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